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Additional Information

Welcome to Stony Point! To enhance your experience, please find important information below:

WiFi Access: Connect to 'Stony Point Guest' with the password 'stonypointbc' (all lowercase).


Complimentary Beverages: Enjoy complimentary coffee, tea, and water. Please leave used dishware for our cleanup crew.


Onsite Support: For any needs during your visit, text Rick at 571.223.9737 or Tiffany at 571.263.7327.


Comfort: Feel at home! Use pillows for added comfort in our lounge areas. Let us know if you'd like any rearrangements.


Fireplace Use: You are welcome to use the fireplaces in both lounge areas. Please text us if you would like the fireplaces turned off or on. 


Outdoor Oasis: If included in your package, we can run firepits and the waterfall for added ambiance.

Music Selection: Enjoy our curated music playlists. For special requests or adjustments, text us at any time.

We hope you have a fantastic experience at Stony Point! Let us know if there's anything else we can do to make your visit impactful.

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