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Driving & Parking Instructions

Driving before 2pm

There is minimal traffic earlier in the day so you are welcome to follow your GPS to 36847 Stony Point Rd. Hillsboro, VA 20132 and enjoy the scenic views along Route 9.

Man Driving in Car

Driving after 2pm

To avoid traffic congestion on Route 9, we strongly recommend taking the Purcellville/Round Hill Exit and following your GPS to 36847 Stony Point Rd. Hillsboro, VA, from there.


Your GPS will lead you to a private driveway located to the right of the venue. Instead, use the gravel driveway to the left and look for the parking signs.



There are 4 parking spots located in front of the venue (Parking 1). Please pull all the way up to the parking bumper. There are 10 additional parking spaces adjacent to the venue (Parking 2) as well as street parking, if needed.


Upon arrival, please enter the venue through the main front steps. We will be waiting for you!

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