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5 Compelling Reasons to Choose Stony Point Business Center for Your Next Meeting or Retreat

Updated: Apr 6

Are you searching for a venue that caters to your need for sophistication, charm, and exclusivity? Look no further than Stony Point, a hidden gem nestled just 20 minutes west of Leesburg. Our unique space is designed to meet the needs and desires of business professionals seeking an inspiring and productive environment for their meetings and retreats. Here are five compelling reasons why Stony Point should be your next choice:

1. Intimate and Versatile Spaces

At Stony Point, we understand the importance of having the right space for your event. Our venue offers a range of intimate yet versatile spaces designed to accommodate meetings, strategy sessions, and executive retreats for groups of up to 16. Whether you prefer the rustic charm of our log cabin meeting room, the sophistication of our cathedral conference loft, or the cozy ambiance of our lounge areas, we have the perfect setting to inspire creativity and focus.

2. Concierge Service for a Seamless Experience

Say goodbye to the hassle of event planning and logistics. Stony Point provides concierge service to ensure that every detail of your event is taken care of. From greeting your guests upon arrival to coordinating with our local caterers for delicious farm-to-table meals, our dedicated team is here to make your experience seamless and stress-free. Focus on your agenda while we handle the rest.

3. Included AV Equipment and High-Speed Internet

Forget about the extra costs and logistics of renting AV equipment. Stony Point includes all the essential AV equipment you need for your presentations, including a 65" conference TV, premium sound system, and presentation clickers. Our venue also offers high-speed internet access, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted virtual meetings and presentations.

4. Charming Outdoor Oasis for Relaxation and Inspiration

Step outside and immerse yourself in our charming outdoor oasis, complete with a dark-bottom pool and soothing waterfall. Take a break from your meetings to network and unwind amidst the serene surroundings. The tranquil ambiance of our outdoor space provides the perfect backdrop for creative thinking and team bonding.

5. Exclusive and Private Setting

At Stony Point, exclusivity is key. Enjoy the privacy of having the entire venue to yourself, allowing for focused discussions and strategic planning without distractions. Our venue offers a secluded and tranquil setting, ideal for executive retreats and high-level meetings where confidentiality is paramount.

In conclusion, Stony Point offers a unique and inspiring venue that caters to the needs and desires of business professionals seeking sophistication, charm, and exclusivity. With intimate and versatile spaces, concierge service, included AV equipment, a charming outdoor oasis, and an exclusive setting, Stony Point is the perfect choice for your next meeting or retreat. Experience the difference of Stony Point and elevate your event to new heights. Book your visit today and discover the possibilities!

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